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Vanguard Kinray Lite 22B BK

Vanguard   Kinray Lite 22B BK, фото 1
Vanguard   Kinray Lite 22B BK, фото 2Vanguard   Kinray Lite 22B BK, фото 3
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9 000 Тг.

Vanguard   Kinray Lite 22B BK
9 000 Тг.
В наличииVanguard Kinray Lite 22B BK
  • +77017882244 Михаил
  • +77772134258 Дмитрий(ремонт фототехники)
  • +77017882244 Михаил
  • +77772134258 Дмитрий(ремонт фототехники)
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Kinray Lite 22B BK


 Versatile Kinray Lite belt packs provide multiple carrying solutions for active photographers and outdoor enthusiasts who want their gear on hand in a compact, convenient package.

Wear Kinray Lite belt pack around your waist or slingstyle over one shoulder for quick, unencumbered access to equipment. A soft inner compartment with adjustable dividers safely houses your camera and accessories or binoculars and can easily be removed, transforming Kinray Lite into an everyday bag. 
Kinray Lite belt packs also feature pockets and pouches for accessories and include a rain cover. Size 22 also includes a tuck-away waist belt and detachable shoulder strap for even more carrying options.




  • Versatile beltpack: Carry around the waist or over the shoulder
  • Removabe inner box allows for use as everday bag
  • Rain cover included
Производитель  Vanguard
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  • Цена: 9 000 Тг.